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This little space amongst the vast miasma of technicolor information and dolby style hiss and crack; is dedicated to the TF Mapmaker. He who has sacrificed a great deal of time and effort, in order to make available his own visions to the mongrel hordes of gun totting, shrieking with bloodthirst soldiers of Team Fortress.

Having found myself one morning plagued by the desire to be among them. I too rendered my vision of a remodelled 2fort4 and cried out to the world 'uh.. you can play it now'. But I was slightly numbed by the silence which followed. Slowly but surely my work was noticed, critiqued and has taken it's course, to one day be played by the masses.

The road to map recognition is not an easy one. This section of The Factory is dedicated to the art of Mapmaking. I encourage map makers who have created a TF map, even if that was months ago to send me an e-mail with the address or links to their work. I will be working on map reviews and would like to hear from the creative force behind the TF curtains! I do not have any map success stories, nor do I have any easy solution to getting our maps online. But I am working on it. I wonder sometimes, at the amount of empty servers on the net, hardly being used. Do server admins lurk in the TF community, just as frustrated for their hard work passing unnoticed? I can see a glimmer of hope in this situation, and considering that not everyone can afford upgrading their computers just to play Quake2, I'd say TF1 will be around for awhile. So will I. -grimm [502]

If you have a TF1 map you want me to review, or just to have a look at, send me the details - razzimatazz

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